Young Masters juni 2014

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Vi avholder for tredje gang en Young Masters-samling fra 9. – 22. juni 2014 på Solsetra.

(Denne samlingen innehar mange utenlandske deltakere. Derfor er denne invitasjonen i sin helhet på engelsk.)

The invitation is open for:

  • youngsters 7-13 years with or without their parents
  • and young people between 14-30 years of age.

There is no programme as we trust that all needs of the group will be revealed in light and love.

Share group experiences

All are welcome who feel they wish to share their visions and feelings on building new living communities in co-creation and co-operation with others. You are invited in sharing gift talents and abilities through your own ways of self expression creating a new formula for living in harmony together.

In the stunning forest surroundings of Solsetra (we trust with some conscious crystalline snow present) all can share their inner dreams, personal stories through telepathy, light language, sound, tones, words and music. All are able to feel and intuit the rhythm of life through experiencing your own inner freedom by being in nature, sharing the unconditional love with animals and each other in a homely safe place hosted by Astri and Frank, the owners and founders of the Solsetra Family Centre.

Adult visitors and Family Co-Creators include amongst others:

Elaine and John von Nuding (UK)
Joanne van Wijgerden, board member of the Kids of Light Foundation (NL) who have been co-creating and assisting by invitation of the Young Masters to encourage other young people to come forward and be more of themselves in a loving equal place.

Other Young Masters from the UK, Netherlands and Norway including Ralf who are one of the architects of, are also in attendance.

Create social networks

The group intention is to enable young people to share group experiences in centers and in places around the Globe and create social networks where all views of the younger generation are honored respected and valued. Part of living in the New Earth experience is to feel more connected to yourself and others within surroundings which support your well being.

The combination of living in the simplicity of silence with nature and in a sense of inner freedom and independence. Also being in the joy of playing and sharing together opens new doors to discovering more of who we all really are.

We can all feel that a change of living experience is now possible. Through these global family networks a new Human Template is being created within the family.

When and where

We invite you to connect with others who wish to share self responsibility for changing our way of living to be in harmony with everyone and everything around us including our Star brothers and sisters.

Date: Monday 9. to Sunday 22. June 2014.

Where: Solsetra. See map and get directions.


Per 9. June 2014 we are fully booked.

Young Masters på Solsetra januar 2014.